Who We Are

The Yale Women's Leadership Initiative is an undergraduate organization which seeks to empower future womxn leaders by providing professional and personal development opportunities and creating a campus culture that emphasizes and promotes womxn's leadership at Yale and beyond.

Who We Are

The Yale Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI) was founded in 2006 by five undergraduates who felt the University required an official organization that would empower and celebrate womxn and offer opportunities for leadership and development. 


The WLI offers opportunities to learn from, speak with, and network with womxn leaders in a wide array of fields, work with a community of passionate and supportive womxn, and launch self-driven initiatives that empower womxn in many ways.

What We Do

WLI’s capstone events and projects include: 

  • THE ANNUAL WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT CONFERENCE, which features opportunities for students to connect with womxn leaders through panels, keynote speeches, and networking sessions. The Conference attracts more than 400 students, speakers, and alumni nationally and internationally, and amazing speakers such as Arianna Huffington Founder of Huffington Post), Mary Robinson (former President of Ireland), Chief Justice Margaret Marshall, and Maureen Chiquet (CEO of Chanel).

  • THE LEADING LADIES GALA, which celebrates womxn leadership on campus by gathering and honoring the achievements and character of nearly 200+ womxn who have demonstrated passion, courage, and leadership in various ways on and off campus.

  • THE WOMEN'S MENTORSHIP NETWORK, a network of 300+ students across Yale College and various professional schools, giving womxn the opportunity to connect through one-on-one mentorship pairings and speed mentorship events.

  • SPEAKER, WORKSHOP, AND PARTNERSHIP EVENTS that range from coffee chats to casing workshops to mindfulness sessions to Q&A opportunities with leaders in public service, academia, and more.


  • THE REMEMBERING 50 CELEBRATION, which planned to feature performances from womxn groups, a timeline showcasing 50 milestones for womxn on campus, recreation of historic photos, and alumnae speakers from the first class of women in honor of 50 years of coeducation.



  • THE REMEMBERING 50 BOOK, which features the first-hand stories of Yale alumni of all backgrounds and identities with regards to their experiences at Yale. The book showcases perspectives from the first class of women, along with other historic events such as the Vietnam War protests, the Women’s Crew Title IX protest, and their personal struggles on campus and beyond.



  • THE NORTHEAST INTERCOLLEGIATE WOMXN'S LEADERSHIP COMMUNITY, a network of womxn leadership and empowerment groups spanning US colleges across the Northeast.